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The best of ProPokerTools for Mac/PC/Linux with support for hold'em, omaha, omaha-8, stud, stud-8, and razz. Grab a Free Trial Professional License · Watch. Hey guys, What kind of exercises do you recommend doing on pro poker tools? I currently just use it to input flops and see how that connects. What I'd like to see is a report listing *those* hands in descending order of hand rank, i.e. ProPokerTools rank or equity vs. 1 random hand. For hold'em, running a full 10 iterations takes a matter of minutes. We dont have any syntax to reduce the double counting. Send a private message to Pistachio. ProPokerTools PLO PQL Help Pokerjuice 's intelligent syntax seems to do this I've never used the tool , but in PPT itself not PQL queries , I don't know such a way. Please feel free to ask questions on PPT usage itt , desirably on Omaha Hi because it's the game where I can comment to a limited extent on not only syntax of your sims, but their soundness as well. I was about to post the count but you beat me to it. I of course have another question which relates to that. This is partly to avoid confusion with the old syntax, and partly because the colon just feels better. Hand Chart Suggestions th post. To this end, I suggest the following three approaches to preflop hand ordering. As far as the price I think I would rather just pay a flat rate and own the software instead of the monthly thing. propoker tools ProPokerTools PLO PQL Help Hey. Originally Posted by lifes3ps. I conclude this by emphasising again that the key to a good IT business is creativity and continuous progress. Samu Patronen 2, points. Yes those too of course.

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Free Online Pro Poker Tools Review: Equity, ICM Nash Equilibrium, Poker Math Made Easy EPK 008 ProPokerTools PLO PQL Help Actually, the 0. Then I think two smart bots won't consume much more time than nine dummy ones as soon as they make no complicated PQL queries; there's no need to make their HvR next-street sims as precise as in the online version, and they won't be needed that. Send a private message to coon They obviously did a very good cosmopolitan las vegas free breakfast getting the essence of poker analysis. Full Library Learning Paths. Originally Posted by BackBlood.